Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I print a zoomed-in area?

A: Most images have a "Print Map" function at the top left of each image - this will print the entire region. Many times, however, it is desirable to have the ability to print a much smaller area. Here is how we do it;

Zoom in, zoom out, and position the image just the way you want it on your computer screen. Then click on the "Print Screen" key (prt sc) key located at the upper right of your keyboard - you may need to hold down the Function key (fn). Nothing will visibly happen as the image is simply cached inside your computer. Minimize Realtime-Navigator and open up another program such as Paint, Excel, or, as I prefer, Microsoft Word. Click Edit/Paste and the image will appear. You will need to switch the page orientation to landscape. Click on the image once, and handle bars will appear - drag a corner and the image will enlarge. Manipulate as needed and print! This is a great way to do it as it has the graphic of the imagery in addition to waypoints and any nav da

Q: How do I change my home port?

A: If you want to change the position of the bullseye, simply click on the NAME of any waypoint, and the bullseye will replace that icon. The Nav Toll (oval with big white box) always reads from the bullseye when displaying the distance and bearing.

We have recently upgraded the system so that the bullseye stays at the waypoint selected until you select a different waypoint. This way, when veiwing different imageries, it is no longer necessary to reset your homeport location each time.

Q: What is the Trip Planner?

A: This is a feature that we introduced in May 2010 and is an alternative to using the Nav Tool. When you enter the site, you will now see "Trip Planner" at the top of each image. This is a great tool that allows you to plan your trip according to what the charts are showing. Once you click "Trip Planner" a window will open called "Trip Statistics". You can then start clicking anywhere on the image; waypoint icons, temp breaks, water color changes, etc. Each time you click on the image, a temporary waypoint is placed on the screen and the lat/long coordinates, distance and bearing from the previous waypoint are displayed. You can click up to 15 times on the charts, and the Trip Statistics window logs all of the info including the Total Distance for your trip. Click on "Print Map" and it will print all of the information for you to take on your trip. Also, when you view different imageries, click on "Start Trip Planner" and your route will be displayed on each imagery!


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